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Regular Share accounts allow you to earn interest on your money and still have it available when you need it.  
Certificates of deposit allow you to lock in a higher interest rate for a predefined term.

Individual retirement accounts allow you to lock in a higher rate to save for retirement. There are some tax advantages as well as restrictions to IRAs. 




Personal Loans

Personal Loans are available to members for up to $10,000 per individual or up to $20,000 with a co-signer. 


Vacation/Holiday Loans

A 12 month Loan for up to $1,500 to help offset the cost of a vacation, holiday or any other unexpected expenses.


RV/Boat Loans

Designed for the purchase or re-financing of a new or used recreational vehicle or boat.  The item must have a title and be insured. 


*Non-titled off road vehicles do not qualify for this type of loan. 


Auto Loans
We have excellent rates on New cars for your initial purchase or refinancing your 2015-2016 vehicle.

We also have some of the best rates around for Used vehicles.  check our our rates table or come in to speak to us to see what terms are available.


Credit Card Loans

Allows you to borrow at a special rate with the conditioin that all funds are made payable directly to the credit card company(s) and copies of statements or bills are given to the credit union. 


Education Loans

A short term loan designed for educators or other members who required professional development courses.  The Loan proceeds are made payable to the provider. 


Bill Payer Loans

Bill Payer Loans are available to members to pay down or pay off other debts.  Money from these loans is made payable directly to a business or tradesman and a copy of the bill or invoice must be given to the credit union.


A loan to help pay fuel bills. These loans are made payable directly to the fuel company for home heating fuel. 

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